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Ares came in to see Dr. Findora early April 2023 for limping on the left front leg for 10 days. We took x-rays and found what was very suspicious for a bone tumor. Unfortunately, bone cancer is aggressive and fast growing. Amputation was recommended to save Ares’ life and try to stop the spread of the cancer. We removed Ares leg by the end of the month and the tumor was confirmed to be osteosarcoma on biopsy. Unfortunately, the median survival time for osteosarcoma with amputation alone range from 14 to 19 weeks. Improved survival times are reported with chemotherapy. Metastasis is common with the lung being the most common site. Less than 15% of dogs with have radiographically detectable lung metastasis at presentation, but 75-90% of patients treated with amputation alone will succumb to metastatic disease. For this reason Ares’ owners pursued chemotherapy at BluePearl Pet Hospital in Southfield. Ares finished chemotherapy with minimal side effects. Ares is doing great on 3 legs and is living his best, cancer-free life!

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