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Our General Practice Doctors

Dr. Findora

Veterinarian, Owner

Dr. Findora graduated from Michigan State University with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2008. She started Fox Run Animal Hospital in 2015 and focuses on high-quality medicine and surgery centered on the needs of the patient and their family. Her special interests include client education, soft tissue surgery, ophthalmology and backyard poultry.

DR. A.J.


Dr. A.J. has a special affinity for urgent care and is passionate about helping clients in critical situations. A firm believer in animal advocacy, Dr. A.J. has devoted countless hours to the rescue, care, and treatment of animals in need through volunteerism. He enjoys entertaining family and friends playing guitar: a passion which has enabled fundraising for animal shelters in the past. Dr. A.J. maintains a strong commitment to community involvement, with plans to support animal initiatives within the area moving forward. Dr. A.J. looks forward to being a part of the team at Fox Run Animal Hospital and spending time in the community where he, his wife Candace, and cat Simba reside.

Dr. Dunckel

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - Knee Surgeon (TTA)

While a full-time practicing veterinarian, Dr. Dunckel operated one of the area’s most successful general practice veterinary hospitals. With his special training and experience in soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, knee surgeries (TTA) became one of his most satisfying procedures. Although now able to indulge his passion for golf and travel, Dr. Dunckel remains committed to veterinary medicine and continues to perform knee surgeries (TTA) for a select number of local veterinary hospitals. Fox Run is proud to say Dr. Dunckel scrubs in with our team whenever there is a need.

Dr. Feliciano

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - Dentistry

Dr. Feliciano graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences in 2019. She began her career at a high-volume general practice in her hometown of Long Island, New York where she developed her passion for preventative medicine, surgery and dentistry. In 2022, Dr. Feliciano moved to Michigan and soon after decided to pursue dentistry full-time. Currently, she is at Fox Run every-other Wednesday.

Our Doctors with a Special Interest

The Management


Human Resources Manager

Judith Findora, MA, LPC, CRC, CLCP (a.k.a. “Judy” or “Mama” Findora) is our Human Resource Manager. Prior to officially joining the Fox Run team, Judy brought in a homemade lunch for the hospital staff every Monday during the pandemic lockdown, earning her “Mama Findora” moniker. As business increased, Judy was brought onboard to fulfill the human resource functions. Professionally, Judy has a long history in human resources and labor market information and continues to testify as an expert in state and federal hearings.


Surgery Manager

Brennan joined our team in 2022 with 7 years of experience in veterinary medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Zoology. Brennan previously worked with two specialty practices where he gained experience in emergency treatment and surgery, making him the ideal candidate to manage our surgery. While he specializes in ensuring surgeries go smoothly, our clients also enjoy Brennan’s gentle manner and overall knowledge of medicine in the exam room. Brennan is an avid reader, enjoys gardening and playing video games. He and his girlfriend have a Jack Russel Terrier, 2 chinchillas, fish and a cat. His cat is a rescue that was born, then fostered here at Fox Run.



Megan started in veterinary medicine in 2019 and joined the Fox Run team in 2022 as a Technician Assistant. Megan’s tendency to jump in and assist throughout the hospital helped her find her “niche” at the front desk. At heart Megan is a crazy cat lady. She enjoys spending time with her 4 dogs, 3 cats, and her husband. Megan is a skilled quilter and loves cozy bonfires at home.



Coming to us in 2023 with a strong customer service background as a store manager, Barbara is in the second year of her second profession. She says that if she did not begin working in veterinary medicine, she would be a volunteer at an animal rescue. This is a good fit for Barbara, who fosters cats waiting for adoption. Right now she has 8 cats, most of them already adopted -- by Barbara! When the cats let her out of the house, Barbara enjoys working in her yard. Otherwise, you can usually find her reading with a cat or two on her lap.

Customer Care Specialists

The Fox Run Team  


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Kyla graduated from Baker College in 2022 with her associate’s of Veterinary Technology and started with Fox Run shortly after. She went on to pass her board examinations and is a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Kyla enjoys teaching and making sure our clients understand what is going on with their furry family members. Kyla has 3 kitties at home and enjoys reading.


Veterinary Technician

Chris started in veterinary medicine in 2013 and graduated from Macomb Community College’s Veterinary Technician program in 2017 with an associate degree of applied science. Since that time Chris has worked in emergency, internal medicine and general practice. He joined our team in 2020. Chris always has a bright, sunny attitude and smile. His special interest is backyard chickens and ducks. Outside of work Chris enjoys fishing, kayaking and horseback riding with his wife. Chris has 3 dogs, 1 cat, tropical fish and a flock of chickens and ducks.


Dental Technician

Brandy came to FRAH in 2016 with twenty-plus years of experience in the field of veterinary medicine. Her knowledge is vast with a special interest in dentistry. She lives with her husband and their Yorkshire terrier, Chuck. They enjoy traveling northern Michigan and spending time outdoors.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Tracy comes to us with over 15 years of experience as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Prior to earning her licensure, she “paid her dues” as a kennel assistant, veterinary assistant, and veterinary receptionist, working her way up because she has a passion for helping animals and connecting with their owners. In fact, Tracy never seriously considered doing anything else! Her private collection consists of 2 dogs and 3 cats that came from the same litter. Tracy puts her family first, filling her home with fun and laughter spending time with her husband and children playing games, watching movies, and taking advantage of our community parks for the occasional stroll.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Katrina comes to us with over 10 years of experience as a Veterinary Technician. She loves all kinds of animals and finds great satisfaction in being part of your pet’s recovery process. Katrina is always looking for ways to improve your pet’s experience at the veterinarian and actively takes part in any learning opportunities that come her way. Katrina recently moved to the Metamora area with her husband and loves having the space to raise her 3 children as well as housing dogs, cats, chickens, chinchillas, and guinea pigs.


Technician Assistant

Beth recently returned to veterinary medicine as an assistant after raising her family, but she has prior experience as a Licensed Veterinary Technician and maintained her licensure, so her title may change soon! Beth mirrors Fox Run’s commitment to the best medicine and insists on onboarding slowly to ensure her skills are intact before resuming full technician responsibilities. In the meantime, Beth finds working with pets, and the people who love them, to be fulfilling. She has 4 mature furry family members: 2 cats, a beagle and a boxer mix, all very loved and well cared for, almost as much as her husband and 2 daughters. Beth is a real motor-city gal who enjoys car shows, motorcycling and snowmobiling.


Veterinary Assistant

Rachel comes to us with two years of experience as a Veterinary Assistant. She is a local gal who is part of the horse-riding community. She particularly enjoys riding hunter-jumper on one of her three horses. Rachel plans to attend Macomb County Community College in the fall to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. She loves animals and has a house full of dogs and cats along with the horse barn.


Kennel Assistant

Mikayla is Dr. Findora’s daughter and she has a history of helping in various ways throughout the hospital, so we put her to work. She loves our employees, clients and everyone’s pets!


Executive Assistant

Tyson was found as a stray kitten and presented to us in 2020 with ruptured corneas in both eyes and a severe upper respiratory infection. Dr. Findora has a soft spot for grey cats and eye cases, so took up the challenge to get the <1lb kitten back to health. The right eye was too damaged and required immediate surgery to remove it. Happily, the left eye responded to medications and healed leaving only a small scar that is still visible. Tyson is now comfortable and has adequate vision. Tyson now enjoys assisting all members of our team in their duties, as well as regularly greeting clients on the front desk. Tyson’s special interests include giving hugs, playing with toys and lounging in the sun.


Public Relations Manager

Molly was born in 2005 and grew up as a pampered barn cat at one of our client’s farms. In 2016 Molly decided to retire from the barn life and become a house cat. Unfortunately, her owner was allergic to cats and could not bring her inside. Coincidentally we were looking for a new Public Relations Manager and she happily joined our team. Molly can be found most days supervising from her bed on the front counter. She specializes in sitting on checkbooks and drooling while enjoying her rubs. Molly has been diagnosed with a primary lung tumor. Fortunately, the tumor has grown slowly and she has been maintaining well on prednisolone, though this has made her even more plump.


Head of Security

Jackson is Dr. Findora’s Australian Shepherd. He can usually be found snoozing under her desk in the office. Jackson previously lived on a working beef farm as an outdoor dog and was surrendered to a local rescue when the family was preparing to move. Dr. Findora was talked into taking him for the weekend by his foster mom and he just never left! Jackson now lives a life of luxury and sleeps with his mom every night. For an Aussie he is a pretty laid back guy. He helps to screen interviewees and boost staff morale.

Hanging Out With Our Furry Friends

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