Dear Dr. Findora,

Both Tony and I want to extend our sincerest gratitude for all you have done in treating our beloved Pavlov. you were diligently available, compassionately present and extremely supportive in our time of great need. You are the kindest vet we have ever worked with (it meant so much when you offered to watch him!) and it is important to us that you know that. Keep up the excellent work, I know you’ll help many!

With heartfelt thanks,

Lisa & Tony (Pavlov too!)

Dear Dr. Findora,

I wanted to thank the entire staff for the care and compassion shown to Blue. However, I needed to thank you personally for the extra time and effort you expended talking to specialists, emailing x-rays and trying to help me find out what we could have been missing. You were the only one who went that extra mile in my fight to save Blue.

He was one of those special souls who pass through our lives and will never be forgotten. He fought hard because he knew others were fighting for him. You … (are) very special and I will never be able to thank you enough for what you do. You do wonderful work and I am thankful that you are nearby when the need arises.

Thank you again for all you did and for helping me and Blue.

With warm regards,


Dear Friends,

Thank you and your staff so much for the care you gave Kaci. It meant so much to e that my baby was surrounded by such devoted and compassionate people. I will forever hold all of you dear to my heart.



Thank you so much for taking such great care of Oakley. It really means so much to my family and I. Your knowledge and compassion for animals truly shows. Thanks!


Dr. Findora,

Thank you for your caring, compassion and how wonderfully you honored MilkDud and Joey and I. Your tears with us made things that more beautiful for us. Thank you that you gave Joey all the time he wanted with MilkDud. Thank you for the beautiful poem and paw print. You made a difference for us. God has given you a privileged gift.


Last Sunday, regretfully, my husband and I took Precious, our 21 year old cat, into your facility as we have done many times over the past few months. We had hoped maybe some more subcutaneous fluids would help but we simultaneously realized she was slipping away.

We had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Alicia Findora who helped us make the final decision with our beloved pet. Both of us felt if there was ever a vet created in time she was it. She let us ramble on as our decision was getting closer and closer. She did not interrupt. We just wandered on with our memories of Precious.

Then, we noticed a tear in her eye. We then realized this was hard for her too. What a special woman. What a “precious” moment. Dr. Findora is one of a kind.



Dr. Findora took really good care of me and I am all better now. My mom and me really appreciate all she did for me.


Dr. Findora,

Just wanted to express our heartfelt thanks. Your understanding, compassion and commitment to your career is outstanding and so very much appreciated. We will never forget what you did for us and our girls.

Jeff, Chris, Schultzie & Helga

Hi all, I just really wanted to thank all of you for taking such good care of me! You have given me a second chance at life! That’s good too, ’cause I have things to do, shows to win, squirrels to chase and of course playing with my squeaky hedgehog! I also wanted to thank you for putting up with my Mom. I know she can be very annoying when she’s worried about one of her kids! Anyway, thanks again and a big RUFF to all of you!

Tyko & Family