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Phineas came to Fox Run as a 5 day old kid in January 2019.  He had been dropped off with a client to try bottle feeding, but was found to be too sick to even try suckling.  He was brought in to see Dr. Findora and was suspected to have a severe systemic infection.  The infection involved both of his eyes causing blindness.  He received intensive care at Fox Run with IV fluids, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, stomach protectants and multiple eye medications.  He slowly improved and started to take bottle feedings.  Dr. Findora ended up taking him home – she is a sucker for blind animals.  Phin’s overall health continued to improve, but his eyes did not.  His sight never returned and his eyes became very painful.  At only 8 weeks old Dr. Findora took Phineas to surgery and removed both of his non-sighted, painful eyes.  Phin recovered well from surgery.  He lived in pen in Dr. Findora’s living room until he was 4 months old, coming to work at Fox Run every day.  He learned to run, jump and play.  He was eventually moved outside, to live like a “normal” goat.  His blindness never stopped him from exploring his surroundings and trying new things.

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