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Fox Run Animal Hospital now offers LASER Therapy

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Did you know that LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation? The term LASER was considered by most to be a better choice than LOSER, even though Light Oscillation by Stimulated Emission of Electromagnetic Radiation is a bit more accurate (Riegel & Godbold, 2017).  We will stick with LASER and call it helpful, healing, therapeutic and even relaxing.

Our staff began to don goggles and put cats and dogs in doggles to perform LASER Therapy at the end of 2023.  Since that time, we have seen our patients heal more rapidly, become more active, and exhibit decreased pain behaviors.

Therapy sessions generally last between 5-15 minutes.  The time can vary depending on the size of the area(s) being treated.  The number and frequency of treatments depend on the degree of pain the patient is experiencing, both decreasing as your pet experiences relief and a return of physical function.

Watch this short clip from CBS on how LASER Therapy works:

Here is an amazing story on how LASER Therapy helped saved Leo the cat:

Pain can be difficult to assess in your pet.  Most of us do not realize how much pain our pet is experiencing because the pain often comes on gradually.  While you see your pet every day and may not recognize the slow onset of severe pain, we see your pet with the eyes of today and can provide an accurate assessment of your pet’s pain experience.

Pain is caused from any number of conditions or diseases, the most common being arthritis (  Studies show that LASER therapy reduces arthritic pain starting with the first treatment and the pain continues to decrease as treatment continues (Barale, Monticelli, Raviola, & Adami, 2020 and 2022).

Chart courtesy of IVAPM | International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management

While arthritis may be the most common and chronic ailment, LASER therapy can effectively reduce pain and inflammation associated with a variety of acute and chronic conditions, including:

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Call us today to schedule an exam to discuss how LASER Therapy can help alleviate your pet’s pain and usher your pet back to a healthy, active lifestyle.


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