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Saturday April 28, 2024 World Veterinary Day

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April 28, 2024

World Veterinary Day

Every year the last Saturday of April is celebrated as WORLD VETERINARY DAY.  This is the day we honor the lifesaving work of veterinarians around the world.  If you have a pet, or own livestock, chances are you know a veterinarian, or “vet” for short.  Veterinarians are best known for their medical work with pets and livestock, but they also work for the FDA evaluating the meat and fish you find at your grocery store to ensure it is safe to eat, at the zoo, in the wild, or in the water to maintain the health and well-being of all of the animals (from reptiles to elephants to whales), and in a variety of laboratories studying diseases, their causes and their cures.

At Fox Run Animal Hospital, we will be bringing attention to World Veterinary Day with a bit of fun.  Dr. Findora and Dr. A.J. will be wearing special T-shirts pronouncing REAL DOCTORS TREAT MORE THAN ONE SPECIES the entire week preceding World Veterinary Day.  In the same spirit, let’s look at some of the day-to-day challenges small animal, general practice veterinarians face that differ significantly from their human counterparts.

Small dog on phoneOur patients cannot talk

This means more time in the exam room observing the behavior of the patient.  Your vet really is listening to you, but s/he is focused on the patient’s behavior.  What the patient does, or is NOT doing, gives clues about their symptoms.  These clues tell the veterinarian what will be most helpful in diagnosing the problem behind the symptoms.

We do most diagnostics in houseVeterinarian with syringe

Veterinary clinics generally have the equipment necessary to perform x-rays and at least rudimentary bloodwork.  We can perform advanced blood and fecal analysis.  In addition to all of these, Fox Run has an ultrasound and a laser.

Veterinarian getting ready for surgery.We perform surgery in our clinics

Most veterinary clinics perform spays, neuters and rudimentary mass removals, lacerations, etc.  Dr. Findora has over 4 years of emergency surgery experience, as well as earning the ophthalmology award from MSU, so she performs many advanced surgical procedures in-house.  Dr. Dunckel performs our knee (TTA) surgeries.


Patients are generally sent home with their medicationMedicine bottles

A full pharmacy is part of a veterinary practice.  From skin irritation lotions to ear mites, to antibiotics, to cardiac medication and beyond, for most common prescriptions, there is no need to make an extra stop at the pharmacy.

Drawing of a veterinarianOur technicians are well-versed in owner education

Veterinary technicians perform the functions of multiple nurses.  The veterinary technicians at Fox Run perform at the level of your typical human medicine physician assistant.  They are well versed in a multitude of issues and treatments and have the materials to help you understand and help your pet.  They also perform triage, run diagnostics, and do routine medical procedures.

Dental care is availableX-ray of a pet's tooth.

Many veterinary clinics perform dental cleaning, some also perform extractions.  Left untreated, dental disease (which is often undetected without regular dental cleaning) can cause severe, life-threatening issues.  We highly recommend digital x-rays when dental work is performed because the majority of dental disease is below the gumline.  When extractions are done without an x-ray the roots can break, leaving a portion behind that can abscess, then requires additional, more extensive surgery.

A single, small animal veterinarian typically serves in the same capacity as their human counterparts in general practice, gynecology, dermatology, pediatrics, internal medicine, optometry, dentistry, podiatry, radiology, and surgery all-in-one.  S/he also needs to know the genetic dispositions of over 200 different canine breeds and over 40 cat breeds.  At Fox Run, we also treat pocket pets and pet poultry.

Our mission statement is:  YOUR PET’S HEALTH IS OUR TOP PRIORITY.  We have a dedicated staff of well-trained professionals using the most advanced technology and well-maintained equipment in coordination with the best medical suppliers in the nation.  We look forward to seeing you and taking care of your pet.

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